Holidays with HappyNotHappy: Erase the Blues

The Holidays with HappyNotHappy Series is in honor of my sainted mum who did not disown me or my sisters when we replaced the candy in her Christmas candy dish with the merry little meds. She also did not disown us for hanging special glass ornaments on her tree with tiny little Prozacs suspended in them.

In our family, depression is more than a CONdition...it's a TRADition!

Gift Idea for your very favorite depressed person...because it IS possible to wish you could erase depression sometimes :)


If you want something that it is a little more restrained regarding the language used?


On sale right now at one of my favorite hang outs, the Paper Source. Happy Holidays!


At 3:19 PM, Blogger amber said...

just stumbled accross your blog and it's absofreakinglutely hysterical. from one depressed irish catholic to another- keep up the good work ;)


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