Holidays with HappyNotHappy: Freud-In-A-Box

Jack-in-the-Boxes are just too...too...surprising for those of us with delicate nerve endings.

That is why YOU TOO can have your VERY OWN nifty FREUD IN A BOX!!!

This Freud Action Figure comes with, er, a cigar. A steady knowing gaze. And that familiar goatee. He can make all of your other action hero dolls CRY FOR THEIR MAMA'S! Because that is his special superhero power. Take THAT Batman, you sissy boy.

And if you've never heard of Santa Freud...or, you, Scroogey Psychologist that you might be, don't BELIVE in Santa Freud? Well, I say HA! Just in time for the holidays...here is Santa Freud. (You're going to want RealPLAYER to hear this...and you're going to want to thank This American Life :)


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