What? Where? Huh?

Where did the last 13 days go? Seriously.

I think my soul was sucked out of the top of my head and stashed with the dust bunnies under the couch. At least, that is where I found it today when I actually entered a fit of cleaning frenzy--accomplishing a shower AND vacuuming all in one day.

(I have to do at least one of each per year. Showering & vacuuming, that is. And the calendar was telling me that my time was almost up.)

What is it about the holidays that sucks out my soul? The consumerism? The expectations? The cleaning? Multi-tasking? Emotional rollercoaster? Enforced FAMILY TIME? Guilt? Skeletons in closets? Yup. Yup. All of it. I am simultaneously drawn in by Jimmy Stewart's promise of redemption and warm holiday cheer; and Scrooge's efficient coping strategy of jamming a wool hat on and taking to my bed for the whole week. Screw the ghosts of Christmas past, present AND future...they can get their OWN down comforter. I'm not sharing with those three.

Unless they bring lots of chocolate and alcohol. I will always make more room in bed for anyone who brings those.


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