HappyNotHappy...Shopping Therapy #2!

Who needs a psychiatrist? When you can put yourself through your own Behavior Therapy with...

Pop-Up Book of Phobias!


This is fast becoming one of my FAVORITE pop-up books EVER!

You can work on fear of spiders AND fear of dentists without EVER leaving your armchair. (Perfect for the Agoraphobic!)

Other pop-up titles include:

Pop-Up Book of Nightmares!
Pop-Up Book of Menopause

(P.S. Depressives don't get a pop-up book. After the initial design, the pop-ups wouldn't pop...they were too limp. And grumbled about "all of that light...can you turn the page, please?!" when a reader thumbed through the book.

Pop-up people, we're not. Ah well.)


At 9:08 PM, Blogger awittykitty said...

I've seen that Pop-Up Book for Phobias. That's one sick puppy. What were they thinking? Of course they don't have my biggest phobia...Britney Spears-a-phobia. Now that would be scary, having her jump out at you unexpectedly. (shiver).


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