I'm up! Right! Be right there!

Today, I actually got dressed and stopped by work (I've been on leave) for my mail. I put on a bra and clean underwear for them. I thought I should be praised for this, but then I would have had to actually confess to the fact that clean undergarments are a BIG achievement for me right now.

I couldn't find matching socks, so I borrowed a pair of my husband's socks. He has enormous feet. I love those feet. I stuffed the extra in my boots.

I did not shower though. Hey! One step at a time.

I definitely felt vulnerable under the weight of the heavy winter sky as I walked along. I tried to focus on the homes around me instead. And on the geese honking a confused retreat from the lake.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger The Ursine Calamity said...

that's Fantastic!


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