Sucks To Be You

My experience with seesawing meds has been so ridiculously complicated and so fraught with emotional landmines that even my normally non-plussed PDOC got frustrated on my behalf.

It was very nice, actually.

Dr. D: Why is it so hard for you?! Oh, I'm so frustrated that it is so hard for you...

Me: Dr. D! Are you going to fold on me now? Don't you dare! When I say that things are going badly, your answer should be 'Well, sucks to be you.' (This phrase has to be said in a very specific way, with a upwards lilt at the end.)

Dr. D: Um. Yeah...I'll work on that.

Me: Right. Like, you'll work on it now. Say it. Say it! Okay, you've just asked me how I'm doing. I tell you that it's been a bit rough, and you say...

Dr. D (hesitantly): Um, it sucks to be you?

Me (sighing): You know. We'll work on it. You'll get it eventually. Maybe we can just have you spend the day with my family....


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