Sick humor for sick people...no, the other kind of sick

My sister and I both share chronic depression. We also share a horrible, dark sense of humor which allows us survive some pretty dark times. Cops call this "gallows humor"...the use of humor in the face of a grave or dire situation, used to cope with the situation emotionally. (Doctors, EMT's, other emergency people in the house...you know what I'm talking about.)

So, after a marathon phone call with her last Sunday, I was crying from laughter and felt a lot better about a somewhat crappy situation (i.e. going through med withdrawal).

What did we talk about for FOUR hours? Oh, we can always find things to talk about. Starting with the recent diagnosis of a friend...they found a lump in her breast. They went in and removed it, along with a few lymph nodes.

My sister: How did they find the lump?

Me: She was in for an operation on her hemorrhoids.

My sister: Hemorrhoids?? (Bursts into laughter) Okay, nothing funny about those...but what? How?

Me: I know! I had to ask her...Marissa? What were you IN for?! The tits and ass plan?! Or did they just have to, you know, go so FAR up THERE that they found the lump? What on earth?? No, thank you, that's what I say.


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