Oh man, what a trip that was.

so. I'm back. After an ALMOST successful attempt to slip the bonds of 3 meds I'm trying to switch from...Neurontin, Parnate and Ativan. I kicked it all except for the last .25-.50 mg of Ativan. And that is kicking me. I'm giving my body a much deserved rest from w/d hellishness (and giving my DH a break too.) Now I'm on Zoloft and missing Parnate (oh, Parnate. Please come back.)

I've spent the last few months feeling like the poster child for some freaky "Just Say No!" campaign fueled by a sadistic Nancy Reagan. Children everywhere have turned away in horror as I roll in the gutter, mumbling to myself, in front of the Walgreens on Lincoln Avenue. Lurking around and waiting for the pharmacist to come out.

Well, that COULD have happened if I had actually managed to LEAVE the house at this time.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger EJ said...

Oh you poor thing....the things they do to make us better!!

I'm horrible, horrible, horrible...The doc gave me meds to start LAST week...I going to try and start them today....and you know..its been a CRAPPY week...and I STILL didn't start them...

hah..sue me I'm crazy...LOL

At 10:44 AM, Blogger EJ said...

BTW....Reallllly glad you are back :-)


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