What did I miss?

Oh man! I missed one of the most fun memes of the last year during this blogging hiatus. Rats. Well, hmmm. I'm going to plunge in anyway, late as usual, just because I'm so intrigued by the question.

Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't

1. Worked my way through college doing PG-rated bikini grams, many in public places.
2. Hung out of a train crawling up the mountains to Chamonix, France and sang at the top of my lungs.
3. Accidentally dropped my metal train ticket down the toilet on a train between Guiyang and Kaili in China, and then had to try to explain to the porter in Mandarin what I'd done.
4. Ate lunch while sitting on a 12" wide ledge and anchored to a cliff face on Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, NH.
5. Experienced a perfectly improvised performance with a jazz quartet in Chicago as I slipped into the "zone" that every vocalist dreams about. It was like floating.
6. Drove stick shift for the first time on the autobahn near Kaiserslautern, Germany.
7. Co-wrote a corporate improv show with one of the founders of Second City.
8. Built a HFH house in the mountains of Costa Rica with an interesting and dysfunctional team, where our most rational and helpful member was the actor, Julia Stiles. I was going through a med change at the time and was very sick, as well as experiencing a spirituality crisis, so chalk me up with "Team Irrational".
10. Rehabbed houses in the projects for Cabrini Green in Chicago where we had to go in under armed escort.

It's been an interesting life so far.

I thought about mentioning the self-initiated and intriguing 4 day stint at the Stone Institute, wishing I could tell the nurses where they could stick their "sharps". Or sleeping under the auditorium stage for most of high school but still managing to graduate as a member of the Honor Society (in training as a survivor.) Or just putting forth the enormous amount of energy it takes to get out of bed each day and plunge into living when you feel like curling up in a ball, in a corner... but I would suspect that a lot of people who cruise through this life battling depression WOULD have done that, too. So, list those under "Ten Things You Might Have Done That Not Many People Talk About".


At 9:46 AM, Blogger V said...

Yeah, I've done that. hehe.. just kidding.

Wow, that's some life. What an adventure. I can only dream.

BUT.. Life's not that over yet.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger EJ said...

Wow...Truly amazing!!


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