Favorite Snippets...

...from my favorite online discussion boards about depression.

I'm still in withdrawal mode right now so my attention span is frightfully shor...hey! What's that over there? Anyway...on to the snippets...

"Double-depression" is a good description for how I feel, even if it does sound like something you'd order at the Starbucks in Purgatory.

I've been on Imiprinine. I feel great, by the way, except I've stopped having sex, I've started eating and my *ss has gotten frightfully large.

I'm not bipolar. I have "lows" and "normal". I don't have minor delusions of grandeur. I would say that I have delusions of competence.

I was taking Serzone 200mg a day. I then had hallucinations and would constantly hear Beethoven's Ninth Symphony 1st movement being played in my teeth. Upon vigorous brushing I could change the key to E flat. The Doctor suggested Colgate "anti-plaque". Did not cure the music.